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Starbuxx0rs' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[16 Aug 2005|12:43pm]

I've been working for Starbucks since beginning of this summer and I'm enjoying my experience. I really like most of the people I work with and most of the customers. I'm hoping to stay with the company for a while and I'm glad to find this community.

I also want to invite any of the baristas here to join my community. I am a member of customer_suck, but as we know, not all customers suck and not all of the members of said community are Starbucks baristas. I would like to set up a community where Starbucks partners can exclusively discuss their experiences with customers. Good to be here and am looking forward to posting often.

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I need your Starbucks customer and barista stories [08 Jul 2005|11:47pm]

I am an author who has a signed collaboration agreement with Starbucks. Although I have been given access to Jim Donald, Howard Schultz and even traveled to Costa Rica with Dub Hay, I have decided to have my new book focus on the store level (store managers, shift managers, baristas and customers. The book will celebrate great customer service stories, barista innovations, barista commitment to ownership of their store, surprise and delight stories, working with resistance from customers, communities, etc, make your mark stories, attention to detail and much more. I wish to communicate with customers and baristas but will collect no stories without the permission of contributor (for baristas I will also get your managers support through the authority and aid of the Seattle Support Center. My most recent book was published by Hyperion and is entitled When Fish Fly about the Pike Place Fish Market, just down from the original Starbucks store. Stories can also be offered through my www.starbucksstories.com website..... Thanks for your consideration.... ac opy of the book and a Starbucks gift card will be given to all whose stories are include....Joseph
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Tips Tips [26 Apr 2005|12:57pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

...I couldn't resist with the title.

I'm not sure what is available in your store...perhaps the tips situation feels out of your hands...
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[31 Mar 2005|10:32am]

Does anyone here happen to know if Starbucks ever hires high school students for retail positions? I'm just wondering if it's even worth it to submit an application. I meet the minimum age requirement, but I am not sure that I've ever seen a high-school-aged-looking worker at a Starbucks.


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[30 Mar 2005|03:16pm]

Hi everyone,

I really hope I'm allowed to advertise this on here, if not I apologize (you can delete it). I have 3 separate ebay listings for: 6 free drink Starbucks coupons. Here's the link to the listing:


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=) [16 Nov 2004|12:55am]
Hello everyone...I'm a 3 year partner in South Pasadena.  I'll be in Seattle visiting my sister for thanksgiving, and am wondering if anyone wants any shifts covered between 11/23 (pm) and 11/26.  I'm a shift supervisor. Cool!
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[15 Sep 2004|11:23pm]

Hi. Usually I have to fill out an application to join a community so this one kind of confusses me, but I like that. I want a frapp. now. :-(
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[27 Aug 2004|05:37pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

Hey there, just wanted to let you all know I met with my store manager today, I just stopped in because I hadn't heard anything about my situation so I asked her about it. Apperantly she thought the AM went over everything with me already last wednesday when I worked and I told her no she didn't. She then went over that Corrective Action Form with me, and this is what is written as the situation:
"Lauren is not meeting performance expectations. She was given her barista certification test and did not pass. If she does not meet barista expectation as outlined in the job description within two weeks she will be terminated."

Then there is the Corrective Action Plan Form, and under "Action Plan for Improving Performance" they wrote:
"These are Lauren's oppurtunities that she mucst dramatically improve on:
-Drink standards
-Flow and speed at bar
-Maintain job focuz and make timely decisions
-Ability to multi-task (i.e. hangle multiple drink orders)
-Apply new knowledge and skills to situations
-Be able to work without constant supervision
-Take initiative on what she needs to do next, no standing around
-Timely completion of tasks
-Learn and know STAR skills
-Maintain a calm exterior in times of uncertainty and high volume
-Consistantly deliver legendary service"

So pretty much I sound like a fool, a dumbass, and pretty much just a worthless employee in all of that. It makes me upset because I know alot of those aren't issues and are done and whatnot.
I am just having a hard time with all of this. I am changing my medication schedule so it goes along with my shifts, I am working and studying all that I don't know, I am asking questions....ugh.
I do have support from people at my store which is nice. Alot of my friends have moved away after getting married or are away at school so its really nice to have support from my partners.
My SM is giving me until September 14 to (As she says) "dramatically improve, completely oppisite of now". I know I can do it. I have to do it, in my mind there is no question about this because I want this job and I love this job and I would like to keep this job lol.

So yea, thats the latest update. I just wish it were like school and tell you that you are not doing well and are almost "failing" or something, not just when it seems too late.
Wish me lots of luck! I work at 8am tomorrow and I have a huge plan set up on how I am going to do better!

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[26 Aug 2004|05:31pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Hiya all, I need some HUGE advice and I want to get it from other partners so as to try not to make it a big deal at my store.

I have been at Starbucks for 6 weeks or so, but I was never really trained to open or close, and I had to take about a week and a half off due to a surgery I had 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have ADHD and issues with anxiety, especially social anxiety. I have been doing well there, so I thought, and the SS were really nice to me and what have you. I LOVE working at my store!!! The other partners are some of the greatest people and I am blessed to work with them. My manager and AM are awsome as well and I look up to them. They know I love it there and my regulars know me and love me as well, even though our store just opened a few weeks ago.

OK so enough of the "background". I hope it makes sense.

On this last Monday, my AM was going to certify me. Since I was out I hadn't done it when the rest of my partners did. I knew she knew I had been out for a long time and it was maybe my 4th day back. I screwed up on alot of the questions she asked. I did the drinks right but she only asked me to do 3 and then asked millions of questions. I fumbled and got sweaty and nervous this whole time and practically had an anxiety attack.
To make a long story short I missed too many questions to be certified and when my AM told me this I was crying hard. I told her I had ADHD but didn't want to make an excuse so I told her I would work on what I missed. It upset me because ever since I got hirted, I have worked hard to learn everything and even asked the SS and other partners "hey, I don't know that drink well yet, can I watch you make it". I continued to work my shift that day until my AM and manager wanted to talk to me. Summary of what my manager said to me: "You are too slow at making drinks and there is too much time in between them. You ask too many questions and I can't have my SS getting stressed out when they learn they have to work with you. We are going to set up a plan for you and before you come in for your next work day we will sit with you and discuss it and if you don't make major improvements in the next two weeks we will have to let you go"
By the time she was done talking to me I was hyperventalating cuz I was crying so much and in such shock. I LOVE that job. I seriously would never find a better place to work at than that store.
I had a day off on Tuesday and took that time to write on paper the answers to questions I missed. I planned to show it to them on Wednesday.
Wednesday morning I opened at 4, I made sure to look AWSOME and great and had even worn my new polo shirt from www.starbucksgear.com

My manager didn't come in till 9:30, then sent me home at 10 without saying barely anything to me. The SS that day told me all throughout my shift "NICE job getting such-and-so clean and ready for the next use!" and "wonderful job on the pastery case, it looks awsome." she had TONS of great comments for me. She said that it was the fastest shed seen me go and she made me bar the whole time!

OK Here is where your help comes in:
Since my manager didn't say anything, do you by chance maybe know what shes thinking? Should I go in tomorrow on my day off and ask her about it? If I did I would say " I really want to get this problem worked out and if you need me to come in on my days off I will just so I can get this down." I REALLY want to show her I want this job and am going to work my butt off to do so. I just need to know why I guess....In the end she may be the only one who can answer me but I just need ANY advice from you all out there!!
Thanks all, have a great evening<3

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starting sept 30... [12 Aug 2004|12:01pm]

pumpkin spice latte
pumpkin spice frappuccino
pumpkin spice creme frappuccino

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Starbucks Rocks my Socks!!! [06 Jul 2004|03:20pm]

I just started working in Starbucks last week, and I LOVE it. I swear I love my location. It totally rocks. The people are nice, even the customers are great. And everyone has put up with my constant questions. And because of that, I can do a lot more things already than if I didn't have such great co-workers. I loved the Starbucks Experience too. I had a great class and we made it a lot of fun. Anyway! Starbucks Rocks!!! Any barista's from New Jersey here???
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Drink question [02 Jul 2004|11:43pm]

How many espresso shots are in an Iced Venti Americano?

I've always been told four, but the girl at the Barnes and Noble cafe tonight made me pay extra for the fourth shot. She swore the "Starbucks manual" said three.

Is every Starbucks I go to sliding me a free shot? I have to doubt it! But maybe...

I tried to Google it but came up with nothing conclusive.

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New community [30 Jun 2004|12:00am]

Hey if you are a Starbucks Partner and work near Seattle, WA and neighboring areas come join this group...


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[17 Jun 2004|07:54am]

join the new community for partners
with Starbucks
in the San Francisco area.


-this is where you can get someone to cover a shift-
-pick up hours-
-meet other san francisco baristas-
-talk community service projects-
-and yap about a bad day or a wierd customer-
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mixed frappuccinos? [06 Jun 2004|09:24pm]

[ mood | curious ]

the other day my friend and I were at starbucks, and I asked my friend which frappuccino I should get, vanilla bean or double chocolate chip. she was kind of sidetracked at the time, so she replied, "get vanilla chip." I was like, "uh, that wasn't an option", and so we wondered if they do that; make mixed frappuccinos. neither one of us wanted to ask because we didn't want to get funny looks if the answer was no, but now I'm really curious. so, anyone got an answer?

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[23 Apr 2004|09:23am]

argh. im having a bad day. I want an iced vanilla latte and i want to sit at starbucks ALL day with my best friend.
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Newwww [21 Apr 2004|12:31am]

Hey everyone. I'm new here. I work at Starbucks over a year now on 24th St and 6th Ave... I came here in DESPERATION.

ANYONEEEE in the NY area interested in covering a shift on Thursday night from 6pm-11pm. You'll get 5 hours, about $2/hr. in tips (we do good on tips!) and $25 cash from me. I'm super desperate.

I have a date with a pair of seats behind the basket for the Knicks vs. Nets playoff game. OH yeah and a guy too lol

Call my cell if necessary (917)805-8185. You can e-mail me too at Nickibklyn@aol.com

Thanks in advance guys <33
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[12 Mar 2004|10:46pm]

Hey all -- my name's Michael, I'm a writer, and for my current day job I work in the Ossining, NY Starbucks. I have a love-hate relationship with the job, and there have been more than a few "Office Space" moments. Shortly after one of my first times on the espresso bar, my boss goes "Hey Michael, whaaat's happening. Yyyeah, a customer just called and said that you made her drink with whole milk instead of breve. So if you could go ahead and make sure you do that right from now on..."

Lately, a coworker displayed a little anger management problem and went apeshit on me for not rinsing out a frappucino blender before I went in the back to close my till. What lovely ways we maintain the company mission statement.

Most of the customers are pretty cool, though, and I'm the proud inventor of the oreo frappucino (brownie chips, UBB, white "mocha", vanilla syrup).

So, yeah. Love, hate, love, hate...I think it's time for a change of venue, though.
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[07 Feb 2004|03:34pm]


This is the starbucks I work in....

I think its purty:)
disregard the fact that I cut off the "s" in Starbucks...:-P
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Name that Coffee [27 Jan 2004|04:08pm]

[ mood | curious ]

What in your opinion is the best coffee? Why? Where to find it? What in your opinion is the worst coffee? Why? Where to lose it?

I ponder that question, since there are so many different types of coffees on the market today. What really makes some better than others. Is it the location that the bean was cultivated? Is it the way that the bean is tended to? Does it really come down to the way the bean is roasted? Could it be the way it is transported to its final destination? Could it simply be the way it is brewed? Or is it everything combined that needs to be considered?


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