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I need your Starbucks customer and barista stories

I am an author who has a signed collaboration agreement with Starbucks. Although I have been given access to Jim Donald, Howard Schultz and even traveled to Costa Rica with Dub Hay, I have decided to have my new book focus on the store level (store managers, shift managers, baristas and customers. The book will celebrate great customer service stories, barista innovations, barista commitment to ownership of their store, surprise and delight stories, working with resistance from customers, communities, etc, make your mark stories, attention to detail and much more. I wish to communicate with customers and baristas but will collect no stories without the permission of contributor (for baristas I will also get your managers support through the authority and aid of the Seattle Support Center. My most recent book was published by Hyperion and is entitled When Fish Fly about the Pike Place Fish Market, just down from the original Starbucks store. Stories can also be offered through my website..... Thanks for your consideration.... ac opy of the book and a Starbucks gift card will be given to all whose stories are include....Joseph
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